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PIR Survey Administration Schedule

The Office of Planning & Institutional Research routinely administers a variety of surveys to assess the effectiveness of the University, its Colleges and overall campus life through the opinion of Students, Faculty and Staff.  The table below identifies the survey administration schedule currently in place for regularly scheduled surveys.

Survey Administration Schedule

Survey Instrument

Survey Cycle

Administration Time Frame

Report Availability

Survey Population

Survey Purpose

Alumni Survey

  Every Two Years    

Even Years

Fall of Even Year

Spring of the Following Year

All TAMUCC Alumni from Previous 2-YR Graduations

Broadly measures attitudes and successes of academic programs and university overall

Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE)

  Every Two Years     

 Even Years

Fall of Even Year

    Spring of the Following Year

Current Freshman

Measures levels of high school engagement in educational activities and anticipated college engagement- national norms comparison

Graduating Student Survey


Academic Year

Fall, Spring & Summer of Academic Year

Fall of the New Academic Year

All Graduating Students

Broadly measure student attitudes about TAMUCC student experience; longitudinal comparisons

Higher Education Research Institute's Survey of Faculty (HERI)

Every Three Years

Late Fall, Early Spring

Late Summer of Participating Year

All Full-time Faculty

Measures attitudes about TAMUCC, job quality- national comparison

Miramar Resident Survey

    Every Two Years   

Odd Years

Spring of Odd Year

      Summer of        

Odd Year

All Miramar Residents

Measures the levels of resident satisfaction regarding on-campus living

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

  Every Two Years     

Odd Years

Spring of Odd Year

    Late Summer      

Odd Year

Current Freshman & Seniors

Measures levels of student engagement in educational activities- national norms comparison

Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory

  Every Two Years    

Even Years

Spring of Even Year

  Late Spring of     

Even Year

Stratified Random Sample of General Student Body

Measures student satisfaction with 11 dimensions of campus life

Survey of Employee Engagement (SEE)

  Every Two Years    

Odd Years

Fall of Odd Year

Spring of Following Year

All Benefits- Eligible Staff

Measures attitudes of staff regarding the organization; statewide and longitudinal comparison